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To enjoy a barbecue

The method of being skillful barbecue

Photo premium gas grill, and a charcoal stove and common gas cartridge.

If a major hardware store in season, and outdoor products and charcoal, available at low cost.

Calculating wind direction, also those where it sets are one hand. The photograph is the preparation long charcoal.

Major brand, grille of the most orthodox type of the American Weber corporation
The meat, the vegetable, and so on is fixed turn of barbecue, but also fish with outdoor, are extraordinary.

It is the good opportunity where the manner and rule at the public place, you teach to the children.
Because the fact that we fear is the burn whether scolding the children important you think.

If the Ise shrimp and the turban shell, the squid, the sea bream and the atka mackerel etc are even, you cannot taste with home, the highest luxury waits.

It became fixed turn of barbecue of the pad of here 2 years, it burns also bird, the children so eat tastily from the beef.

This time, from preparation to easily enjoy a barbecue,
Tips come Tuesday, when manners and rules of the park barbecue,
Here are the bits of knowledge about the cleanup.

* Preparation 1 [babekiyuguriru] cookstove
Without a stove or barbecue grill is not! And home centers around 1500-3000 (3-4 persons) from the budget is being sold in, to be used for luxury goods in the hard climatic conditions and there are types that can be both a grill and teppanyaki I think it's useful with the type of roof and side tables.

We recommend that the stove is in and some home centers, like the sound of barbecue skewers, a type that can move up and down in the groove, is recommended.
If you like the photo on the left kebob, the burning is difficult to use, I guess.

* Those which are necessary to the case of the preparation 2 fire causing
All you need to come when the coal fire, ignition agents, coal scissors. Agent-like paper type and the ignition block may like jelly when you use the ignition jellylike agent does not add on to it. Make sure you read the letter of the Notice due to fears of flash.
The leisure use since the fire, heat-resistant gloves and cotton work gloves are a necessity.

We tend to forget and put the fire lighter is fundamental, long the target (12-3, ranked cm) if a writer can be ignited with ease when using the ignition agent.

To forget those where it is tend, are the lighter/writer which applies the fire of the can dust, ahead it is long, if (12 - 3 centimeter rank was) the lighter/writer is prepared, when using the ignition medicine, feeling at rest, you can ignite.

* Secret of fire causing
Tuesday with the first ignition agent, and carrying the coal on top of it. You can quickly put the fire and fan and fan. The fire OKOSE paved the foil on the floor from the fire, it is easy cleanup. The rush started because burnt with fire is not.

Spend some time and start time have been burnt to charcoal white, I would burn well without wasting food.
Fast, one-point proposal to burn a fire, painted all over with a few agents in the ignition of charcoal bottom to form a charcoal on top of it, you can arrange the stove ignition, the fire is not easy to stiffness.
Please try again.

* Let's enjoy barbecue!
Now you are ready. Ministry of cooking! The network fills a salad oil and paper towels or HAKE, start with a good roast from pan and roast the empty net. After the adjustment of fire. Or add more charcoal to moderate, I would burn the vegetables well and put the strength of the heat by adjusting the position of the coal.

This is the long-awaited summer vacation. Surprisingly garden, but also enjoy a barbecue on the beach or park. The park is a welcome barbecue busy period will be well prepared before you panic.

However, I enjoy the leisure use fire in a public place where a lot of people, only a minimum of rules and etiquette to ensure you are well. Here are the Notes and the Book of Barbecue Park.

* Basic 1 reservation compilation of park barbecue
Basically, it is the first signed up in advance.
1 month ago last Sunday, so the stage is already crowded in the earlier application.
Application rates are generally free, and parks that sell ingredients and equipment, so the park has barbecue pit equipment, tools to check the rental in advance, you'd better check rates nature.
On the day of the Notes described in the management office, and you will issue the permit.

If you cancel the manners of the early contact. In the park you will pay a cancellation fee may be!

* Basic 2 starting compilation of park barbecue
Barbecue fire in the park is generally are prohibited, with the base of the barbecue stove legs. Leisure and the seat and side table is useful if any, put up a tent and not TAPU campground is NG.
Take time to cook and come Tuesday, is a very busy time for the long-awaited park barbecue.

Food preparation is done before I left, I will put a smart way to cooler.

* Basic 3 clean-up compilation of park barbecue
Waste is of course to take a minimal manner. The washing-up in the local park so ARAENAI and small dishes are good as possible.
Dishes or use paper cups and disposable paper plates that you can get ideas and to provide extra paper towels and trash bags.

* Last check before the basic 4 starting of the park barbecue!
Or charcoal grill, food is, of course, and folk flavor, do not check everything, including dishes! The park is also low because of the sun shade and cool drinking water and the agent you have the extra.
Change of clothes and towel, sunscreen, it is more convenient and bring insect spray.

"This summer, the master of the barbecue Daddy!", What could you? Meat and vegetables, cooked in an outdoor barbecue and seafood and seasonal ingredients is also a chance to resolve the children's likes and dislikes.
When food and dress, but please let him join us as children.
Tools and takes the money to buy me one first, even if the rent is paid you can try.
And actually try it, at this stage is the actual preparation is necessary OMOITSUKANAKATTA I really should not be surprising,
Tool design, use (?) Seems to emerge.

If there is no place to rest with the roof tent and umbrellas are a necessity! Summer is a note sunstroke. The kids, of course, we also firmly anti-ultraviolet adults.

Kawahara is a difference between the sea and unstable footing. Stable and easy to make, but we fixed the desk and chair if you are handy if you use a rug collected. Playing time is what I need for water shoes to barefoot ITAKERE.

If you do not have it, without having to buy a new one all the way, if you have a worn-out sneakers, you could have water for a minute.

Stove in the picture is fine for small stove.

The stainless steel point can be stored in the compact
The barbecue and camping in a couple, the atmosphere is in the best, I guess.

Product Name

Prices are a bit expensive I think around 9000.

Quantity of charcoal

Most difficult to place the amount of coal to prepare it. Some people are saying and what they sell coal outside the box, no TARITA trial. If you go with the fine coal in it! And write it.
It is because I do not know how to barbecue with a number of tools in place for how long? If the coal produced in the country in general, come from burning coal to 30 minutes to 60 minutes will keep the heat up. Fire and heat reaching the food then by all means get thinner because of the burning coal that is any less.

If the barbecue, baked most of the first 30 minutes to 45 minutes to start eating at once, 60 minutes after the time is coming pretty calm. Reduce the waste and prepare the coal in anticipation of this there.

I want to recall here.
Every once in a BBQ Grill restaurant have been.
4 seats are one stove, coal has a gate at 5-6. Enough to enjoy a BBQ. Groups are enjoying a barbecue charcoal consumption is quite wasted.

The amount of charcoal, grill space for one person as 15C ° × ² can provide twice the amount of coal in the coal, along with the size of the number 2 or 3 hours of fun as well. That seems to be less after 30 minutes 10 minutes past the half-space of the grill. In the space of less than half of the coal is burnt dead space to keep warm food.

The space is to bake foods faster, to replenish the charcoal in less, and live without the use of coal waste on this matter.
Determine the amount of coal to the appetite of the members to participate in this fundamental. If you buy the coal may be a little vain, rate better place.
Incidentally, I recommend coal about 1 to 1.5 hours to go up to keep the fires take place 3 to 4 hours.
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